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2014 Millennium Group annual summary & commendation meeting
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On Feb 15th,2015, 2014 Millennium Group annual summary & commendation meeting was hold! Headquarters and 6 Subsidiary companies was attending the meeting. 

In the meeting, group leader, sub-company representive, production department manager, outstanding worker representative made brilliant speechs. They Summarized the work of 2014, and discussed about future work. In the end, outstanding workers got bonus and honorary certificate, to praise positive achievements they gave in 2014. 

2015 is a new year for Millennium. Great chances lie besides multiple challenges. We would strive for a better tomorrow, with gratitude of the past success and big dream for the future. Constant support would certainly bring you high quality products and services. We would never let you down.

Sub-company representive Mr. Sun made a speech 

production department manager Ms. Zeng made the speech

outstanding worker representative Ms. Qin made a speech

outstanding workers 

Workers get new year's gifts